Who I am

My titles vary…it’s just who I am

  • Christian…first and foremost! I accepted Christ as my personal Savior over 40 years ago!
  • Wife…the source of my greatest joy. I am blessed to be married to the greatest man on earth!
  • Mother…I claim seven (7) children as my own. The six (6) currently residing in our home are all boys!
  • Daughter…a Daddy’s girl with parents nothing short of amazing!
  • Sister…second born of four (4) extremely close siblings!
  • Aunt…proud of five (5) nieces, one (1) nephew, one (1) great niece and four (4) great nephews!
  • Educated…four (4) college degrees allowing the addition of countless individuals to my “family” annually!
  • Survivor…a warrior, not a victim!