War Room

At times, it seems a thousand invisible enemies bombard my mind…anyone relate? With distracted thinking, enemy interruptions prevent me from being and doing what I should. I often retreat to my closet to find solace and rejuvenation…and to cry where no one will hear me! Long before War Room hit the big screen, I spent countless hours in my closet, prostrate before the Lord. There were times I woke in the morning having fallen asleep during my pleas with God. I never posted my prayers to the wall. I have utilized prayer journals but my planner endures the brunt of my writings…until now!

Life is a series of ups, downs and sideways as we travel the roads of daily existence. Life is wonderful, amazing, complicated and at times, hard. Life, my friends, can often feel like war. As the movie implies, this area is an online version of a war room.

“Raise ’em up, Lord!  Raise ’em up!”